Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good bye cold weather, hello cruise!

Eventually I hope to get Tyler posting on this new blog of ours.  For now, I'll content myself with my first blog ever.  When I've read blogs, they always seem so effertless, it must be "practice makes perfect."  So without further ado, here's my first attempt.

Tyler and I just got home from a week long vacation.  We decided to shake off the blues (and I do mean blue from cold -17 F) of winter February 26 and high tail it to Miami, Florida for a couple of days in the sun.  From there we set sail on a Carnival Cruise to Key West, Florida and Cozumel, Mexico.  Nothing picks up the mood like one glorious week of soaking up the sun. 

Miami was warm, there really is no other way to describe it when you live in a land of snow and ice.  It was 75-80 degrees the entire time we were there.  We walked the board walk, sat by the pool, swam in the ocean, and discovered jelly fish.  Neither Tyler nor I had ever seen a jelly fish, so when we saw one floating on top of the water, we were sure it was just a plastic bag.  I was rather freaked out at the thought and shortly after Tyler spotted this "floating bag" we got out of the water.  As we were walking back to the beach, what did we see....a whole bunch of washed out jelly fish.  They really are quite pretty, although the Portgese Man of Wars supposedly pack a nasty sting.  Thankfully we didn't find that out first hand!

Yep, this is the ship we sailed on, the Carnival Imagination, a party barge, complete with a pool, water slide, club, auditorium for Las Vegas Style shows, several buffets, and of course, bars.  I wasn't too sure what to expect, would we be bored, would the food be any good, how did entertainment work, etc.  To my surprise, the food was great, we didn't have time to be bored, and a list of things to do on the ship was given to us everynight...complete with towel animals and little mint chocolates I might add. 

Our first port of call was Key West, Florida.  We went on a boat tour and saw dolphins, went kayaking through a mangrove island, and went snorkeling.  I took to snorkeling like a fish to water.  Tyler....well let's just say I may be snorkeling alone next time.  When we were done with our excursion it was time to get back on the boat.  I think I like Key West, but I guess I'll have to visit again to get a feel for the town.

Cozumel, Mexico was our second and final port of call.  We took a motorcycle tour, VIP style.  There was room for up to 6 couples, but it was just Tyler and Melinda.  It was pretty fantabulous.  We saw a light house, crocodiles, mayan ruins, a beautiful sand beach, and an authentic looking restaurant, where we ate. 

The last day on the ship was a "fun day at sea."  One of the highlights was learning to make towel animals with Steve and Missy, new friends we made on the cruise.  I don't think Tyler would have gone to this class if Steve hadn't gone.  One of the first animals we learned to make was a puppy dog, mine turned out looking more like a bulldog....hopefully that's not representative of personallities.

So there you have the end of my first blog.  Maybe a little longer than a first blog needs to be, and maybe no one out on the world wide web will even be interested, but...it's a start.